28 April 2014

Wow, what a weekend it was!  Geez Louise I didn't want it to end but it had to.

I had been waiting for this show for a long time.  I couldn't wait to get back up there with those guys and play some music again...especially at Crawfish.  I guess it was January, or first part of February, when the Board made the decision to let me play and the next couple of months were spent practicing.  Jay and I put together a bunch of new songs that I had written.  By "put together" I mean that he played Bass and Lead parts to a drum machine so we could have some kind of demo for the guys to learn the new songs by.  I can't thank Jay enough for helping me out in that aspect.  He's a talented son of a gun for sure.  I'm jealous sometimes..lol

Anyway, as the day got closer I got a whole of the "are ya nervous yet" questions and stuff.  I really wasn't and I can't, for the life of me, tell you why.  I should have been for the simple fact that there were no rehearsals and there weren't gonna be any rehearsals.  I had put the set list and all the songs, in the order we would play them, up on line for the guys to download and learn by.  They had all the material...that was all we needed.

I will say that Jay and I got together and ran through some stuff and then we got together with Warren the day of the show to touch on some stuff, but that was it.  There wasn't any kind of formal rehearsal.

I gotta tell ya that I was hoping that it would go half to three quarters as well as it did...lol...I knew it was gonna be good but I had no idea it was gonna be as good as it was.  As soon as David introduced us and the intro to "Chasin' Away The Blues" started...I had a pretty good idea it was going to be better than I expected.  I think what I hadn't factored into my equation was how good it was gonna feel to be back up there with those guys again.  To feed off of all of them...all that energy going.  That's what put us over the top.

As I had mentioned in some previous journal entries...this show was the first one that I would ever do that we would play that many originals.  I was a little concerned with that but not too horribly concerned.  It's the whole "play something they recognize" thing that always torqued me off when we were playing clubs.  I always figured it didn't matter as long as they could dance to it!  That's kinda the same attitude I took into this show.  I knew that there were only gonna be 7 songs they would know for sure...plus my older originals that I knew a bunch of people were familiar with...so I just figured that as long as we kept them entertained and gave them some music to dance to then we would be fine.  Oh man...lol...we were so much more than fine!!!

The guys did an incredible job of preparing for this show.  Yes, there were a couple of spots that weren't perfect but most folks never heard it.  We sure weren't gonna point it out either...lol.  Between the energy on stage and the energy coming from the crowd, there was no place we could go but over the top.

It was a stellar night...without a doubt...one that I will never forget.

Yes, I wanna do it again.  A lot...lol.

First things first though...I gotta get something recorded and out there.

Any ideas?...lol.  I have the place, the producer, the musicians, the everything except the money to record.  Yep, small detail...lol.

Anyway, that's the answer to the question that I always get about why I'm not out there playing more.  It's simple really...I don't wanna go back to the whole "bar band" "cover band" thing.  I wanna play my music for people.  I wanna have my stuff out there for folks to be able to buy.  If people don't like it and don't wanna buy it, it's okay...at least I'll know.  The way I figure it, I'll never know until I try to get something out there...lol.  If I don't try then I'll always wonder what might've happened. 

I do believe that with the show that we have...one that can only get better by the way...and the ability to keep folks involved in what we're doing on stage.  There should be no reason why we couldn't be successful.  We were before, there's no reason we can't be again.

Yep...those are my thoughts for the day.

Thanks so much to all that were there this weekend.  So many people that I never saw because the place was a mad house and, after the show, I just wanted to hang out in the back and spend some time with the band.  We hadn't seen each other in so long and all that...we just sat back there talking.  I guess I saw the last 4 songs or so of Mark's.  Rest of the time was spent reminiscing....that, my friend, was priceless.

Have a great week and God Bless ya!



20 April 2014

Wow...Time does fly these days huh?  It was I swear it was only last week that I was here writin' and then I come here and see the last journal entry was almost three weeks ago...wow.

In all actuality, I've been terribly busy with this that and the other.  I'm a little "involved" with a few things around town...I have at least one meeting a week with various boards of directors that I'm on....plus Fire Department stuff.  Yeah...Fire Department stuff.  I'm the Chief of my little Department so that meeting is first Tuesday.  Second Wednesday is our county Farm Bureau board meeting of which I'm President.  Fourth Thursday is our County Fire Chief's Assn. meeting and, thrown in there somewhere, is the Hill Country Livestock Raisers Assn. board of Directors meeting.

Tuesdays and Thursdays, Lizzie has T-ball...for a couple of months anyway.

So, you get the idea anyway...lol...I'm kinda busy with stuff.

I keep telling myself that I need to learn to say "no" a little easier.  It's been kinda tough here lately, but I think I'm finally coming to realize that I'm not the super hero immortal that I used to think I was so I gotta learn when to say it...even though it's one of those things that I hate to say.

One thing I'm glad I didn't say no to was the idea I had to put some of my music out there on the WWW to buy.  I guess it's just one of those things that finally got through my head.  That whole "you will never know if you don't try" thing.  


1732...That's the number of people who saw the FaceBook post I put up about "To Have and To Hold" being available on iTunes and other digital outlets like Amazon, Spotify etc.  I was blown away by those numbers because all my other posts on that page (my "artist" page) have never gotten more than 500 or 60o.  I was amazed at the number of people I reached with that post and it got me to thinkin' that maybe, if people actually like the song and buy it, that it might actually sell a few copies and get noticed...I dunno.  Either way, it's more exposure than I was giving the music sitting on my shelf!

So, I wanna say thanks for everything if you've helped to spread the word about the tunes being available to purchase.  Please continue to do so!  If you haven't bought it yet, please go get it.  It's only a buck and it'll help get it out there to more folks.  I'd appreciate it a whole bunch...Thanks!

Okay...here we are...one week away from the big show!  The Reunion Show with Odie, Daniel, Warren and myself.  Jay Henderson will be the only "newbie" there on stage and he'll be playin' bass.

AS it get's closer, I get a little more nervous I guess.  I'm super excited about it and can't wait to get on that stage with those guys again and do what we all love to do...play music and entertain you...the folks in the crowd.  This whole thing started as a comment made by Warren a while back and it got me to thinkin'.  When the opportunity came up for this show I got a hold of everyone and asked them if they'd be interested and they said yes so here we are.  It's gonna be a blast and I can't wait.  I could have, I guess, put together another band for this thing, but I IMMEDIATELY thought of these guys because I truly love them with all my heart and I think that they are the very best of the best that I have played music with.  We, for so many years, went up and down the road playing everywhere they would let us and it was hard for me to see everything kinda come to rest ten years ago but it was something that needed doing.  I honestly thought that I would be back out there playing regularly before now but life happens and things change.  I'm tickled to death with where my life has taken me over the last ten years and I am thankful every day for what I have.  I just wished that I could get to the point where I could play more music...that's what brings me the most happiness and peace...as far as "hobbies" or "activities" go.  It's amazing what it does to me. 
So this Saturday is THE day...the one I've been waiting for.  I've been waiting for this a long long time and I would love for you to be there.  There's tons more information on my Face Book Page so be sure and go there to get it. www.llanocrawfishopen.com is also the place to get more information about the event and where you can stay while you're here etc.

There's one more reason that I might be a touch nervous this Saturday.  This show will be the first show that I have ever done (with a full band anyway) playing the majority of my original music.  Yeah...it's a two hour show and there's only seven cover songs on the set list.  The rest are songs that I wrote or co-wrote.  This is a HUGE leap of faith for me because I just don't know what folks will think about it.  I'd like to think that they're all gonna jump and shout for joy...lol...but I dunno 'bout that. 

See, I've done this before in acoustic settings...played nothing but original songs...and I've gotten some really positive feedback from those things.  I guess that's why I wanna try this in a full production show.  It's something that I have ALWAYS wanted to do but never did.  I know...when we opened for big acts before that I did play a set that had a lot of originals in it...but it was half and half.  There were like 19 songs in that 90min set and there were ten originals.  The Crawfish set list is gonna be a little different...that's why I'm a touch nervous I guess.  Bottom line, I'm sure gonna need your support!!

You know me well enough, by now, to know that the most important thing to me is making sure that you, in the crowd, are being entertained.  That's the biggest deal to me and it always has been.  You're gonna pay 15 bucks to get in the gate that day (10 bucks if it's before 7pm) to see some great bands.  There's music all day and I'm telling you there are some great bands out there.  We go at 7pm on Saturday.  After our show, and the auction, it's Mark Chesnutt.  Every one of the guys and girls that will be on that stage this weekend will be doing their very best job to play the very best stuff that they can for you so you get your money's worth.  That's the way I've always been.  I work my ass off for my paycheck and if I go spend some money on a show, I wanna leave there thinkin' I got my money's worth out of it.  Well, I'll promise you that I'm gonna do my damndest to make sure that when you leave that park on Saturday night...not only will you have felt like you got your money's worth...you'll feel like you got a little more back.  I promise....

So, yeah...the music content of the Les Hartman show might be a little different, but don't you dare think that the party is any different...lol.  We're there to entertain...period...bring your party hats...

I would be remiss if I didn't mention this to you...I hope you have a Blessed Easter.  Last night, when we went to say prayers with Lizzie at bed time, I told God I didn't wanna ask him for anything.  I just told Him thank you for His Son who died for us so that we may have everlasting life.  As I sit here writing this I can see the sun rise out my office window.  It's a beautiful morning in the Texas Hill Country.  He Has Risen indeed!

Blessings to you!



31 March 2014

This weekend was a busy one for sure...

You know, I got to thinkin' about a lot of stuff while I was out working and I wanted to share that with you this morning...

You might know this about me and you might not...but of all the things that I am proud of in my life, one of the biggest is the fact that I'm a 4th generation rancher.  Yes, I grew up out here on this ranch just like my Daddy did and my Grandpa.  My Great Grandpa came here to Llano County and founded this ranch in 1880 and it has been in production ever since.

No, it's not a huge place but it's plenty big enough to be a job for my dad and I every day.  We run a cow/calf operation and we've probably got one of the purest herds of Polled Hereford cattle in the state. 
(those are a neighbor's words..not mine)

It's a beautiful place to me.  I see all of it's faults too though...lol.  But I guess that's what kinda keeps me going on trying to get things fixed.  There's a lot that needs fixing because everything is so old out here.  Fences are old and falling down.  I've had to tear down two barns that Grandpa built before my daddy was born just because they were past saving.  I have, however, begun a "restoration" project on one behind the house.  There's enough left of it to be able to save and get shored back up so that's kinda been a project of mine for a little while.  Thing about a project out here is that it's hard to start one and stay on it until it's finished.  Seems like there's always something else that come up.  Something needs fixing or whatever.

All this kinda stuff got me to thinkin' this weekend about how folks perceive us ranchers and farmers.  If I had a nickel for every time I heard some comment about us "ranchers bein' rich"...lol...well, I might just have some money in the bank!  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Yeah, there are good times and bad times just like any other business but it seems like our biggest foe right now is the weather.  We need some rain so we can get some more grass to growing.  We pray to God every night that we might get some rain and I try real hard to bite my tongue when I hear the weather man tell me how beautiful of a sunny day it's gonna be...lol.  Beautiful to me, right now, are thunderheads and rain!  That's the biggest thing that we, as ranchers and farmers, can't control.  We just can't control the weather.  We can't make it rain.  We can deal with the cold and frozen water trough's...we can deal with the heat.  We can put up with just about anything but when it gets as dry as it's lookin' these days...that is hard to deal with.  What will we do?  Well, we'll have to buy hay I suppose.  That'll put things in a bind money-wise, but we'll be able to keep our cattle fed.  That's what we do...we adapt to the circumstances and try to move forward with the best decision we can make at the time.

One decision that Dad is having a hard time with this year is the fact that we decided that we would keep back some heifer calves this year because we really need to build the herd back up and replace some older mama cows with some younger ones.  Now that we've done all that and have 'em weaned off etc...it's all of the sudden beginning to get pretty dry and we don't know about when it might rain so we just hope and pray that keeping those extra 20 mouths to feed won't be a horrible decision later on down the road.

Okay, all that aside..here's what really got me to thinkin' this weekend.  I was working on some plumbing issues at the hunting cabin Friday evening when some of my hunters came in for Turkey Season.  There was a wise crack made about how they didn't know that I was a plumber too.  I looked at him and said I'm still a rancher so I must be a plumber too.  See, that's the way things are for most all of us...we do our own repairs, installs, construction etc.  That's just the way I was raised.  We learned how to do things and we did it because it was cheaper to do it ourselves.  That's part of our way of life...that's the kind of work that we put in to our places that most folks never see.  They just see us driving around in our "fancy pickups" and such...lol...I think they miss the point when they think we have it so easy out here just "playin' with our cows."

This weekend alone I was a plumber, an electrician, a welder, heavy equipment operator, a mechanic, a fence builder and a carpenter.  That's just this weekend but you get the idea of the many hats that ranchers and farmers wear.  We do these things to look after our families and our livestock.  To take the best care that we can for them.  It aggravates me sometimes when folks don't see the things we do and go through in order to take care of our herds. 

I guess that's kinda why I wanted to write all this down for you to see.  I'm not any different from any other rancher out there...in the fact that we all do whatever we have to do in order to take care of things.

Right now, in this day and age, there's so much negativity surrounding the Ranching and Farming industries because there's so much information out there that's not right or not enough of.  People have lost complete sight of how food actually gets to their plate.  Kids don't think about the t-shirt they put on to wear to school being made of cotton and that a farmer grew that cotton in a field.  It's so sad these days to see kids not know where things come from.  The shame of it is that most of our younger generation are better at computer stuff than we adults are...lol...but nobody is fueling a fire for them to want to get on the computer and research and find out where stuff comes from.  I really don't think that folks realize just how huge the Ag industry is and how big of a role it actually plays in our daily lives.  Yes, it's easy to associate food with farming and ranching...but there's SO MUCH MORE!

That's why I am glad that we (Llano County Farm Bureau) do our Ag Day every year for the 4th graders.  We try to do our part every year to make sure that another group of kids know where some of the things that they use EVERY Day come from farmers and ranchers who work hard to continue a tradition set generations before them.  They commit themselves to putting the best product on the market.  They commit themselves to taking the very best care of their crops, livestock, equipment, etc.  By taking care of those things, they are able to take care of and provide for their families.  That right there is getting harder and harder to do every single year.  Feed prices going up, fuel prices, etc. etc. etc.

My Grandpa put five kids through college...made it through the depression...all that and never worked for another man.  My Grandma worked in the house and kept everyone clean and fed.  They worked out here and this land provided everything they needed to make it through.  Think about that...five kids through college.  That was a different time, I know.  Nonetheless, that is an accomplishment and a tribute to the work ethic of so many ranchers and farmers that have come before us.  Big shoes to fill my friend...very big shoes.

So, there you have it.  That's what was going through my mind this weekend as I was working on stuff out here.  I wished I could, somehow, make you feel the love that I have for this place and everything it entails but there's just no way to put it into words.  Best thing to say is that it means the world to me.

So, tell your kids about stuff...where it comes from...how it got from my gate to your plate.  Those are things that are lacking these days.  Folks are too busy trying out the latest curriculums in school these days and failing to get back to the basics of how so much of this great country of ours was founded on hard working ranches and farms...and founded by the people who got their hands dirty making an honest living by providing food and fiber to the rest of the world.  It's CRAZY when you think about where stuff comes from.  Do a little research yourself and invite your kids to do it with you.  You'll be amazed!

Thanks for reading along and I appreciate your stopping by the page.  Sometimes it's not all about music here.  Sometimes it's about other stuff but you can bet it's important to me and the fact that I can share it with you says a lot so, thanks for your time.  Maybe one day I can reach my goal of being able to ranch and play music full time.  That's the ultimate to me...wish me luck.

Have a great day~


29 March 2014

Hi There!  Thanks for stopping by again.  It's been a long couple of weeks (well, almost two weeks) since I've posted here.  I'm supposed to be cleaning my office...but this came to mind and I decided I would take a break...my wife would tell you that is my ADD kicking in.  I think it's multitasking...squirrel!

A lot has been going on for sure.  While I've been busy, it's not been too horrible...except for the allergies that have risen their ugly head and became a total pain in my ass!  See, Tuesday night...a week ago this past Tuesday...I was trying to get some plumbing stuff done at the hunting cabin before hunters started coming in for Spring Turkey Season.  All was fine and dandy until the front blew through.  Normally, I would have been in the house by that time of the night, but I was working late trying to get crap done.  Wow...was that a mistake.  The combination of the dust storms and the smoke from the fires to the north of us really set me off and I could NOT shake it.  I was taking everything I could to try and bust that stuff up but it just got worse.  My voice started going and I was beginning to get a little worried about the coming weekend because I had a Walkabout Tour with Clinton Anderson to announce in Lufkin, TX.

Friday morning I took off to Lufkin in the Charger...I love driving that car...and I really thought that things would clear themselves up before show time on Saturday morning.  I told myself that I would get to the venue, get my gear set up, do a sound check and head to the room to rest.  Ahh...the best laid plans right?

Nope...not so much.

I pulled my laptop out of my briefcase...where it's been since I flew back from Franklin, TN...and started it up.  I got the dreaded blue screen!  WTH??  I had no idea.  I sent it into the recovery mode...or whatever it is...and let it do it's thing to fix itself.  That took FOREVER, but finally it got itself straightened out.  I quickly backed up all of my sound files and hot keys so that I would have another copy of everything.  I had all the files backed up already but didn't have Sports Sounds Pro files backed up.  They are now.

The whole time I'm going through this with my computer, I'm sitting in a dusty arena knowing that it's not helping my situation, but what do I do.  I was kinda stuck where I was cause I couldn't just unplug my computer and take it to the hotel to do it...lol...so I waited there.

Later that evening, after supper and a short visit with everyone in the hotel lobby, I went to bed.  I needed that big time.

Next morning I was really not feeling better at all.  Wasn't feeling worse, just not better.  Problem with this morning is that I had to do the show opening...a tribute to the flag and sing the National Anthem.  Wonderful...

Somehow or another I made it through the Anthem.  I dropped the key and tried to sing as softly as I could until I got to the latter part of the song where I really had to push.  Our tour sound engineer, Aaron, probably was cussing me a little bit...lol...it was FAR from the normal way that I sing the Anthem.

Got thru the day pretty well...voice still a little weak but was actually feeling a touch better.  Later on that night there were a few of us tour staff folks sitting down in the hotel courtyard and a guitar appeared.  Yeah, I told myself that I wasn't gonna do that.  I had brought mine with me but it was still up in the room.  Bubba (it was his guitar that appeared) sang a couple of songs and then it got passed to me.  I sang a couple and then the comment was made that we needed two guitars.  "Alright," I said.  "I'll run up and get mine."  We picked and sang forever that night and into the morning.  Had no idea what time it was until Jeff looked at his phone and saw that it said 1:47am...yeah, we had a 6am lobby call on Sunday morning.  I walked into the room and the clock said 2:06.  I don't remember much after that.  I was done.

Cold front blew through Lufkin that night and I went out Sunday morning to see a layer of green pollen/dust on the Charger.  Yay...exactly what I needed.  Sunday was miserable for me.  I was cold all day and my sinuses were that much worse.  I knew I shouldn't have stayed up so late and I knew I shouldn't have been singing but I really was beginning to feel better.  Besides, it was music...my love, my passion...how could I say know when we were all having such a great time out there?  I had no choice but to "move forward thru the fog" so that's what I did.  We got through with the tour stop and loaded out...ate supper and I was done for the day.  I went downstairs to say good night to all and that was it.  I had five and a half hours to drive the next morning.

On my way back from Lufkin, I stopped off at KRXT, in Rockdale, and saw my old friend Bill Gregory.  I had sent him a copy of "No Lookin' Back" and wanted to get a feel for what he thought about the song and such.  He loves it and will be playing it.  He asked me if I had my guitar and if I wanted to do an "on-air" right then and there...umm...nah, I can't sing today.  He understood because he was hearing my voice cracking just talking to him.  We'll get it scheduled and I'll get over there again soon.  It was sure nice to see him.  He's in remission after a battle with Stage 4 cancer...looks freakin' awesome!  I'm so happy that he's doing well.  I can't wait to get back and see him again.

So, the rest of the week was pretty uneventful...with the exception of our Llano County Farm Bureau Ag Day that we hosted for the 4th graders!  It was wonderful and we enjoy doing that every year...being able to show kids the connection that farmers and ranchers have to their every day lives.  Pretty impressive I'd say.

Music-wise...we are less than a month away from the big Crawfish Open show.  Please don't miss it...April 26th..we'll take the stage at 7pm and my buddy Mark Chesnutt will headline the evening but there's live music all day Friday and Saturday.  All proceeds benefit local charities and it's a whole lot of fun so don't miss it.

The show is gonna be really special for me because of the band reunion with all of the guys.  I can't wait!  The set list is done...two hour show...24 songs on the list and there are only six covers.  The rest are songs written or co-written by me.  This is the biggest step, musically, that I've ever taken with a live show.  I can't wait for you to see it.

I reckon it's about time for me to get back to the office cleaning so that I can mark that off my "to-do" list.  I have so much more to say and talk about with ya, but I know you've got things you need to get done as well so we'll meet back here another time.  Have a great day, my friend!



19 March 2014

Howdy!  Stoppin' back by to make sure I letcha know that the single "No Lookin' Back" is now available on iTunes, Amazon, EMusic Rhapsody, Spotify...pretty much every digital download outlet has it available. 

You can stream it on a number of places as well...IHeart Radio and the like.
Man, this is a huge deal to me.  I can't believe I finally made the trip here...lol.  I mean, geez...it's not like I haven't been wanting to do this for years or anything.  I just didn't think I had things in order or was ready to go with anything yet.  I guess the last few months of working on brand new material kinda got me "inspired" to go back and work on some stuff that I had already recorded.  I gotta thank my buddy, Jay Henderson, for that I guess.

See..in preparation for the upcoming Crawfish Open show, Jay has been helping me put together some new tunes that I have written over the last couple of years.  We needed something put together so the other guys in the band would be able to have something to learn by.  In putting together these demos, I guess the "studio bug" hit me and I started working some more on another project that I started a LONG time ago.

"No Lookin' Back" is the result of that effort and I hope that there will be a couple of more coming in the very near future.  I have been asked, time and time again, about "To Have and To Hold" and "Their Child"...well, they're coming.

Would I love to go back in the studio and work on a brand new album so I could get all the new stuff out?....absolutely.  Do I have the money to do that right now?....HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!

So, with that being said...now you know why I went back to work on something that I kinda already had halfway finished.  I worked on the rest of it here at the house...did the vocal and harmony tracks here...and tried to get it sounding the best that I could.  That's what's out there and I am happy to say that I'm getting some favorable feedback from it as well.

Yep, I had a brief conversation with a radio host that I've known for years and years.  I sent him the song as a "test" so to speak.  I know that Bill will give me honest feeback on it and he said he loved it!  Look for an on-air interview to be coming soon in Rockdale.

I guess, because of that positive feedback, I'm gonna look into doing this all the way...meaning that I'm gonna send it out to every radio station in TX that reports to the TX Music Chart.  Those stations seem to be more open to playing independent artists and I hope that I will get some air-play that way.  We'll see what happens.  I also want to look into some overseas radio distribution as well.  I say that because, when my first album was out, I actually had a couple of songs that did very well over "across the pond."  I'll definitely wanna give that a try again.

So, I guess I better get off here so I can get another day started.  I really need your help in getting the word out about "No Lookin' Back"...please share the iTunes link or the CD Baby link on your FB page...twitter...wherever you can share it and let people know about it the better.  (I know that iTunes is a much easier place to buy it because you might already have an account set up with them...but I make a few pennies more at CD Baby...lol)  Please, also, leave a rating on iTunes or even a comment or two.  The more activity in those areas the better...if the rating and comments are good...lol!

You can go to iTunes and CD Baby here

Needless to say...there are no record company execs that are making phone calls to promote the record.  This is all, absolutely, "grass roots" in the promotion department.  Word of mouth ROCKS...so please download the song...let others hear it and let them know where they can buy it as well. 

As always, I appreciate you very much!!

Have a great one and we'll talk to ya soon~


13 March 2014

Wow...big things have been happening over the last month or so!

The very latest thing is I now have a song "released" and available for download.  If you go to the "Music" page you'll find the link to it.

The song is "No Lookin' Back"...a song that Odie and I wrote back in '03, I think.  We were sittin' in a hotel bar and set out to write a song about what it was that we were doing at the time...playing music...and why we were doing it.  We played it a bunch in our shows and I have finally come to a point that I just wanted to get it sounding the best I could and get it out to you.

I also have a link to it on my FaceBook page so, if you don't mind, go there and hit the share button and let all of your friends know about it...make sure you tell 'em to download it..:o)

Oh yeah...if you haven't noticed the schedule page yet then you have missed the April 26th date at the 25th Annual Llano Crawfish Open.  We will be playing Saturday night...starting around 7pm...opening for Mark Chesnutt.

Who is "we"...lol...well, that's the cool part.  "We" are the band that you used to see 10-12 years ago runnin' up and down the road playing music at your favorite places.  Yep...it's gonna be a little reunion weekend.  All of the guys will be here...with the exception of Larry Dobbs (RIP)...Warren, Daniel, Odie and myself will be up on stage along with Jay Henderson on Bass.

I can't tell you how cool this is gonna be.  It's gonna be a lot of fun playing music with these guys again and I can't wait to get it all going.

It's gonna kinda be a little nerve-racking too because we're gonna be playing more original music than anything else.  Used to we played more covers than originals...not this time.  I have a bunch of brand new songs that you might not have ever heard and the only way you're gonna hear them right now is if we play 'em so that's what we're gonna do.  It'll be the first full blown production/full band show of all original music.  I've been doing this for a couple of years in an acoustic setting but have never done it with a full band and especially not in front of 4 or 5 thousand people like we will be doing at Crawfish.  It's gonna be great fun for sure.

I gotta run for now..thanks for stopping by.  I sure appreciate it!
Have a great one and take care of you~